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General packing

DGPA not only packs dangerous cargo, but anything imaginable. Our specialised and trained team can help you with the packing of general cargo, which includes anything from bicycles to televisions.

Since our team is trained in the classification of cargo and goods, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are uncertain as to whether your cargo should be classified as dangerous or not (this includes screening for magnetised material).


Are you moving? Ask our team to help you pack the large contents of your home to ensure your furniture and white goods will not be damaged. We can strap that piano onto a custom-built pallet and protect it with bubble wrap and corro-board. After we have packed your fragile goods you can rest assured they will arrive in one piece on the other side. If needed we can custom build crates and pallets for your household goods.

Packing materials

If you are moving house on your own we can supply you with a range of cardboard boxes and protective packing materials such as bubble wrap, polyworms, polystyrene sheets and vermiculite. We also have plastic sheets, rolls of corrugated board and shrinkwrap available should you want to cover your belongings. For sensitive electronic equipment we can provide antistatic bubble wrap to protect your goods.


We can arrange for the fumigation of any large or small untreated wooden items, such as pallets and crates right here in our own warehouse including a certificate of compliance.

Tremcard, container and hazard labels

We provide Tremcards (Transport Emergency Cards) for dangerous cargo transported by road as well as hazard class - and UN labels for containers. We can also provide you with the majority of hazard class labels as well as handling labels, including 'this way up', 'keep away from heat', 'cargo aircraft only', etc.


Handling indicators

If you have fragile high-value cargo we can provide you with tilt and shock indicators. When your goods arrive at their destination you will be able to tell whether it was handled in an inappropriate manner during transportation. Incidents such as bumps, drops or excessive tilting will be recorded. These indicators are easily affixed to boxes or crates of any size.

Dangerous goods packers
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