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At DGPA our clients come first and we strive to make the packing process easy and hassle free. We specialise in the packaging of chemicals and other dangerous cargo for airfreight, sea freight and road freight. DGPA has trained personnel (as required by the IATA regulations) who ensure cargo is packed according to the IATA regulations guaranteeing the safety of passengers and cargo. The packing materials we use are fit for dangerous goods cargo, which also protects the people and environment during transportation, in case of an unforeseen event.

Our trained personnel offer services including :

  • Classification of cargo/chemicals including magnetic materials
  • Packing, documentation, marking and labelling
  • Decanting when needed
  • Overpacks (placing cargo on a pallet with necessary documents and labels)
  • Tremcard for road transportation

  • The first and most important step in packing dangerous goods is to ensure that the product is classified correctly according to the IATA regulations. Over the years we have built up a substantial database of products specifying the appropriate class, packing group and other information, streamlining the packing and documentation process. What if you are a new client and your products are not contained in our database? That is no problem at all as our specialised team includes a graduate chemist that can assist you in the classification and updating of your material safety data sheets of your products.

    We have a rigorous quality control checklist accompanying every shipment ensuring a well-documented trail guaranteeing safety. DGPA packs, marks and labels according to the requirements listed in the IATA manual and provides all the necessary documentation such as Dangerous Goods Declarations.

    When required by the regulations, DGPA can decant liquid dangerous goods or repackage solids into smaller UN approved receptacles under normal warehouse conditions.

    Our outer packaging range includes 4G and 4GV fibreboard boxes as well as metal and plastic drums. The outer packaging is complemented by a range of inner packaging such as IP5 bags, IP2 plastic containers and IP3 metal containers. The complete range of UN approved packaging was developed and is manufactured locally, specifically for DGPA. We guarantee all our shipments of dangerous goods will be accepted by all international airlines (extraordinary circumstances excluded). Our team at DGPA is passionate about what we do and we provide the same day service for small shipments routinely at no extra cost.

    Please contact us should you require a quotation for packing of dangerous goods.

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