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DGPA endeavours to provide responsible and sustainable packing solutions to our customers


To shape a future where planet, people and value are incorporated into every single packing solution


  • Acting with Transparency
  • Being held Accountable for our actions
  • Taking Responsibility in all that we do

Our People

At DGPA we pride ourselves with the best in the business. Our people are happy, well-trained and available for any and all solutions. We are a level 4 B-BBEE rated business.

Why us?

  • We offer competitive prices and great value
  • We have a team of highly skilled and experienced people
  • We can guarantee short turnaround times; still ensuring the best quality
  • We cater for any packing needs, whether household, industrial or Dangerous Goods
  • We can classify your cargo and provide advice on requirements for packing whether it be for air-, road- and sea freight

DGPA was established in 1993 primarily servicing the airfreight industry. Since our humble beginnings in a garage in residential Kempton Park, we have grown to become one of the largest dangerous goods packing businesses in South Africa. We have since expanded our operations to also cover sea and road freight. We also have a well-established crating and general packing section operating both on and off site.

We specialise in the packaging of chemicals (excluding radioactive materials) and we have a comprehensive range of UN approved packing materials available. These include 4G as well as 4GV fibreboard boxes and a range of inner packaging such as IP5 bags, IP2 plastic containers and IP3 metal containers. The complete range of UN approved packaging was developed and is manufactured locally, specifically for DGPA. We guarantee all our cargo shipments will be accepted by all international airlines (extraordinary restrictions excluded). A graduate chemist is available for the classification of chemicals, assistance and advising of clients should the need arise.

DGPA is ISPM 15 accredited and builds custom crates to suit each customer's specific needs. The types of crates built include lightweight plywood crates for airfreight, full wooden crates and slatted crates for sea, road and airfreight. As for the dangerous goods, the crating section is very well established and draws on 27 years of progressive experience. We can safely crate nearly every commodity imaginable, ranging from fragile artwork to heavy industrial equipment. DGPA also builds customized pallets which will help with the transportation of unconventionally shaped goods.

General packing utilises a variety of fibreboard boxes in stock ranging in size. The crating and general packing sections are supplemented with a range of protective materials like bubble wrap (anti-static for sensitive electronic equipment), normal filling material (polyworms, shredded paper, vermiculite etc.) and fibre roll to pack even the most fragile of goods. Goods can also be palletised by strapping, shrink wrapping or covering with corrugated board, depending on the customer's needs.

We thank you for the interest shown in our company. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information.

Save the planet and protect the environment

Shredded paper is a perfect environmentally friendly packing material for general cargo. We proudly shred our own office paper.

We recycle all used boxes, drums, plastic and glass.

Dangerous goods packers
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