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Welcome to our Company

Dangerous Goods Packers for Air (DGPA) is a professional BBEE rated packing company with a dedicated team providing first-class services and products. We are delighted that we have been in the South African packing industry for more than 28 years and we take pride in all that we do. DGPA has grown from humble beginnings to one of the largest and best-known packing companies within South Africa and is still expanding its operations. We have a range of packing products, which are tailored to the specific needs of our client. We do advanced packing of dangerous goods as well as general cargo packing. Our trained specialists can pack cargo for air, sea and road freight, issuing documentation that may be required.

You can contact DGPA for all your dangerous goods, general packing and crating requirements both on and off-site (with special arrangement). We guarantee that all the dangerous goods shipments packed, labelled and documented by DGPA will be accepted by all international airlines (additional restrictions excluded). We also offer a same day service for small shipments. DGPA is listed in the 62nd Edition of the IATA DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS (see page 970) as a supplier of dangerous goods packaging and services.

Call on DGPA for the packaging of chemicals and other dangerous cargo for airfreight, sea freight and road freight in UN approved packing. Our pricing is very competitive and we provide a same-day service for small shipments. Read more. DGPA custom-built crates and pallets to suit our customers' needs. After 27 years in the crating business we can crate any commodity imaginable. Our teams work both on and off-site depending on your needs. Read more. We have a large selection of fibreboard boxes and protective packaging such as bubblewrap, polystyrene sheets, polystyrene worms/shells etc available for the packaging of general cargo. These items are also for sale to the public. Read more.

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